Are you interested in an (exchange) study period at HAS University of Applied Sciences for either one term, one semester or an entire academic year? This section of the website shows you all the possibilities.

At HAS University of Applied Sciences you have the possibility to take part in 1 of our regular English-taught study programmes as an exchange student. In this case, you will join part of the fixed programme.


Besides our exchange study programmes, we offer several English-taught minors for which you can apply. Please find an overview below.

3rd year minors

Term 1:

  • Biobased economy in the agri-food sector - location 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Smart Farming - location 's-Hertogenbosch

Term 4: 

  • International business and development - location 's-Hertogenbosch
  • The benefits of ecosystem services to society - location 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Towards a healthy society – Good health and well being for all - location 's-Hertogenbosch

ECTS credit

You will receive 15 ECTS credit if you complete a 3rd year minor.

4th year specializations

We also offer various 4th year specializations. 

4th year specializations 

Applied Animal Sciences - location 's-Hertogenbosch
Applied Plant Research - location 's-Hertogenbosch
Sustainability Challenge - location 's-Hertogenbosch


All specializations are offerd in the 1st en 2nd term. 

ECTS credit 

You will receive 30 ECTS credit if you complete a 4th year specialization.

Pick and mix

Your Exchange Programme

Put your exchange programme together here! Please find an overview of all the exchange possibilities for both locations below.

Apply for an exchange programme or minor

If you want to apply for an exchange programme or a minor, please visit our dedicated page on how to apply for an exchange and minor.

HAS Business Courses and Training

Are you a working professional looking for an education?

HAS University of Applied Sciences als offer Business Courses and training for international professionals.

An overview of our international trainingen can be found on our dedicated page.

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