Can cucumber plants be boosted?

Cucumber boost challenge

HAS University of Applied Sciences offers 3 English-taught bachelor programmes. You have the possibility to  follow a certain part of these programmes as an exchange student if you are currently studying at 1 of our partner institutions. You can join for either 1 semester or an entire academic year.

Fixed study programmes

Important to know is that these programmes all have a fixed 4-year curriculum. This means that if you participate as an exchange student you will also follow the fixed curriculum. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to put together your own study programme. By clicking on the links, you will be redirected to the webpage where you can find the entire four-year module overview per study programme.

Overview Exchange study programmes

  • Bachelor International Food & Agribusiness - Den Bosch
  • Bachelor Business Management in Agriculture & Food - Venlo
  • Bachelor Horticulture & Business Management - Den Bosch