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HAS University of Applied Sciences participates in the Erasmus+ Programme and has therefore been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).

Student Mobility

Erasmus+ is the European subsidy programme for Education, Youth and Sport.  As a student of HAS University of Applied Sciences you can use the Erasmus+ Programme for an internship or study at a partner institution in 1 of the participating countries. To do so requires Erasmus status, which makes you eligible for an Erasmus Scholarship.

Staff mobility

In addition to student mobility, the Erasmus+ Programme encourages higher education staff mobility. Supported by partial funding by the Erasmus+ Programme, HAS University staff can gain international work experience at an organisation or educational institution in a participating country.

You can read more about staff mobility within the Erasmus+ Programme here.

For more information about our strategy on Internationalisation please read our Erasmus Policy Statement below.