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The International Office offers an Accommodation Service to help 1st year international students on both Dutch and English study programmes arrange a furnished room for the 1st year of their studies.

Criteria Accommodation Service

In order to make use of the Accommodation Service you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You are not residing in the Netherlands before the start of your studies
  • You live outside a 500 km radius of ‘s-Hertogenbosch or Venlo: You have been accepted on one of our study programmes (unconditionally or conditionally) on the basis of a non-Dutch diploma or Dutch diploma from the Netherlands Antilles
  • For EU students: you set up a direct debit in Studielink to cover tuition fees before 9 June
  • Non-EU students: you pay your invoice for tuition fees before 9 June

You will find more information on arranging payment on the tuition fees page.

How it works

English-taught programmes

If you have been accepted on 1 of our English-taught programmes before 1 May, you will receive a link to the Accommodation Form in the week of 8- 12 May 2017. You should use this form to apply for one of the types of accommodation listed below.

If you are accepted after 8 May, you will receive this form at the same time as your Admission Letter.

Please note that rooms are generally taken up quickly, so you shouldn’t delay in submitting your form.

How it works

Dutch-taughht programmes

If you meet the criteria above, send an email to the International Office stating you would like to make use of the Accommodation Service.

Make sure you state your student number.


before Friday 12 May

Student apartments managed by the university in Den Bosch

HAS University of Applied Sciences does not have a campus, but does have a limited number of room available for first year international students in Den Bosch in apartments close to the university (within 2 km).
You can stay in the room until the end of your first academic year (the end of July). This means that towards the end of the final term year, you will need to find your own accommodation for your second year. The International Office can provide you with information on where to look. All accommodation offered via the university is furnished and non-smoking.

Note: If you decide to rent accommodation offered via the university, you will receive a sub tenancy agreement and invoice from the International Office to cover the deposit and the first month’s rent. You need to pay this invoice within 10 working days.

In principle, rooms offered via the university are available for you to move in from 18 August. Although this date is subject to change, so please check with the Accommodation Office before you come to Den Bosch. Prices range from €420 to € 550 per calendar month (including energy costs and internet).

Privately owned rooms and student houses

All privately owned accommodation offered via the HAS Accommodation Service is checked by HAS University of Applied Sciences and meet our minimum standards.
This includes accommodation managed by individual landlords as well as agency properties. Prices for furnished accommodation range from € 400 - € 550 (including energy costs and internet).

Rooms sub-let by HAS students during their internship or minor abroad

Sometimes, HAS students sub-let their room to new international students while they are away on their internship or minor abroad.
Rooms are furnished and prices range from € 350 - € 500 (including energy costs and internet).

Please contact us

Questions about accommodation?

International Office

HAS University of Applied Sciences +31 88 - 890 3600