Can you safely send avocados on a trip around the world?

Holy guacemole challenge

How do we ensure that there is sufficient and healthy food for everyone on this planet, now and in the future? The solution to this challenging question lies in international enterprise with respect for people and the environment. That is exactly what the Bachelor programme International Food & Agribusiness is about. Are you curious about other cultures? Are you motivated, creative and businesslike? Then this English-taught study programme will be perfect for you!

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About the study programme

“Being a mediator, thinking in circles, such as the biobased economy” this is why Katerina from Germany feels at home on this study programme. “We’re trained to become allrounders,” Mick from the Netherlands says enthusiastically. He explains why this is the study programme for the future. He’s pleased with the small groups and the good discussions.

More about the programme

Lecture, internship, minor, project


What are the subjects you’ll be taught? Which teaching methods are used? What skills will you learn?  And how many times will you go on an internship? You will find a general overview of the 4- year study programme in the curriculum.


The study programme in numbers

Facts & Figures

How many first-year students start this study programme? What do current students think of the study programme? How many contact hours do you have in the first year? And how long does it take for graduates in International Food & Agribusiness to find a job? The answers to these questions can be found in Facts & Figures!

Facts & Figures

Coming prepared

Admission requirements

Which secondary school profile do you need for this study programme? And which extra subjects? What are the other admission requirements? Read which admission requirements apply to this study programme carefully.

Admission requirement

Ready for the future!

After graduating

Which jobs does the study programme train you for? What type of positions do International Food & Agribusiness graduates get? What are the possibilities for post-graduate study?

Job prospects  Post-graduate study

Visit an open day or orientation day

Experience International Food & Agribusiness

Open day

25 November 2017

Orientation day

7 December 2017

Open day

3 February 2018

Orientation day

22 February 2018

Experiences from experts

Student stories

"I chose HAS because it feels like an international family"


Student International Food & Agribusiness


Read the story of Talash

"I chose HAS because everything you learn is relevant"


Student international Food & Agribusiness


Read the story of Freek

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