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A study period or internship abroad is always recognized by HAS University of Applied Sciences provided that:

  • The mobility activity is described in an Agreement and signed by all parties (the student, HAS and the host institution/company) prior to the start of the activity abroad.
  • No changes have been made to the Agreement without the consent of all 3 parties
  • The student has completed the activity satisfactorily*.

* If the activity is not completed satisfactorily, the student will have to complete a new mobility activity of the same duration, or take additional study components at HAS that will enable them to acquire the sufficient number of ECTS credits. This may result in the student delaying their studies.

Full recognition

HAS University of Applied Sciences will recognise the number of ECTS credits stated in the Agreement. Any additional ECTS credits obtained that exceed the total number of credits that could be given for the mobility period will not be taken into consideration for the final degree. Where this is the case, such additional credits will be clearly stated in the Agreement. However, all credits obtained will be included in the student’s Diploma Supplement.

Diploma Supplement

HAS University of Applied Sciences will issue each student with a Diploma Supplement which will include the mobility activity abroad. It will also list the recognised study components or training activities undertaken, and state the location of the mobility activity.

Credit and grade conversion

Where applicable, the examination board of the student’s study programme will convert the credits to obtain into ECTS in advance of the mobility activity, as well as any subsequently awarded grades into the Dutch national and institutional grading scales. In doing so, the credit and grade distribution information provided by the partner institution is taken into consideration.

Since the academic year 2015-2016, HAS University of Applied Sciences has been applying its own Grading Distribution Table, which allows comparison with the statistical grade distribution information provided by the host institution, where available.

More information on the HAS Grading Distribution Table can be found here

Transcript of records

After receiving the Transcript of Records from the host institution or the grade awarded by the company involved in the mobility activity, the credits and grades will be entered into the Alluris student registration system within 5 weeks of their submission by the host institution or company (either ‘as-is’, or as converted credits or grades).

Students have online access to Alluris 24/7 and can view their accurate Transcript of Records at any time.