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The Erasmus+ programme offers HAS students the opportunity to use the Erasmus status as a Zero Grant Student. All conditions that apply to students with an Erasmus+ Scholarship will then also apply to Zero Grant Students. However, you won’t actually receive an Erasmus Scholarship for your period abroad. This would, for example, be the case when the scholarship budget for the academic year in question has already been used up.

Granted Erasmus status

All required forms need to be submitted and the language tests need to be taken. The days that you are granted Erasmus status as a Zero Grant Student are deducted from the 12 months you could use the Erasmus status during your Bachelor. Because during a Bachelor, for a period of 12 months maximum, you may also use an Erasmus status for traineeships and/or study.

Choice Zero Grant option

The advantage of using the Zero Grant option is that in case of studying at a partner institution within the Erasmus+ programme, you don’t have to pay tuition fees once you have been granted the Erasmus status. More information of getting Erasmus status for study can be found here.

Free online language course

In addition, you can use the free online language course when you’re a Zero Grant Student, both for study and traineeships. Of course the choice is yours whether or not to apply as a Zero Grant Student.