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Participation in international projects is becoming increasingly prominent in HAS's internationalisation strategy. International projects generate knowledge, new alliances with strategic partners and (international) profiling of our institution of higher education.

HAS International Projects (HIP)

An international project portfolio offers opportunities for  students,  staff and international collaboration.

Based on our focus on entrepreneurship and business in our study programmes, HAS University of Applied Sciences wants to focus on projects that are aimed at international business development.

Learn more about HAS International projects by visiting our corporate website


By involving lecturers and students, international projects can boost:

  • internationalisation in our study programs;
  • international student intake;
  • knowledge & partnership development

We focus on emerging economies that have a special interests from our partners in the agribusiness sectors in The Netherlands.

In order to effectively respond to questions from potential partners, we have set up a coordination centre for this purpose: HAS International Projects (HIP).