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The program in Applied Geo-Information is part of the Geo Media & Design program (please see the description below). This program consists of the following courses, offered in term 3 and 4.

In this program

In term 3 students will attend a course called Smart Regions. Here, students explore how technology can be used to make a smart contribution to the (future) challenges of particular regions and cities, both nationally and internationally. This course involves lessons in world urbanization, citizen participation, dashboards, 3D geo information and a field trip to both Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki (Finland). Next to that, students can attend the course in Geotrends, where they will be assigned a real life project, defined by a company. Combined, Smart Regions and Geotrends make up for a total of 15 ects.

In term 4, exchange students can opt for a 10-week Work Experience Placement in the geo-information industry, or choose to complement the previous mentioned courses by joining another 15 ects program at our university.


About Geo Media & Design

Geo Media & Design is a new study program offered at HAS University of Applied Sciences. During the 4-year bachelor’s program, students use perception of space and location to clarify economic, social and sustainability issues. Geographical thinking plays a key role, as do knowledge of geo-data, geo-IT, graphic design and new media. Geo Media & Design students learn how to use innovative and creative approaches in order to clarify developments, trends and complex processes.


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