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Do you have a passion for plants and do you have an inquisite mind? Then sign up for this exchange course!

The English-taught specialization Applied Plant Research (APR) module is part of the 4-year Bachelor's degree programme in Applied Biology, Horticulture & Arable Farming and Horticulture & Business Management and is open to Dutch and foreign exchange students on comparable programmes. 

Specialization Applied Plant Research

In a small team of fellow students, you will be asked to work on a real life research project commissioned by a plant breeding company or a company active in plant production or plant health. Lectures in statistics and experimental design will support you in your experiments. In addition, there are also formal lectures in the subjects of Plant Physiology & Photosynthesis, Plant Breeding and Plant & Soil Health. The curriculum includes several visits to plant breeding companies and other classes to help you develop interpersonal skills such as communication and presenting in professional settings.

What does Applied Plant Research have to offer?

  • A unique opportunity to gain valuable hands-on research-based experience in one of the world’s leading countries in horticulture and plant sciences
  • An inspiring look behind the scenes at top international and multinational companies, for example Bejo Seeds, Rijk Zwaan, Bayer Vegetable Seeds and others, whose head offices and R&D activities are located here in the Netherlands
  • A broad theoretical overview of the latest knowledge in the field of applied plant research