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Working in a small group, you will learn how to define and carry out research during the 4th year specialization Applied Plant Research.

You will follow an entire research process: from writing a research plan, through to presenting the final results in the form of an article.  Most of the projects covered on the programme are based on research questions from Dutch companies. You will also receive modules to support your research, such as statistics and the design of experiments.

Climate Chambers

Using different light colours and day lengths, to reduce the generation interval of crops. LED lighting was used in climate chambers in experiments to induce flowering in various crops.

weed control

Using allelopathic plant extracts for weed control. Extracts of different plants were tested for their potential to reduce the growth of weeds, in order to find an environmental friendly way of weed control.

influence of soil

The influence of different soil improvers on the root development of plants.