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by making the healthy choice the easy choice. 

Do you also consider it worrying that 50% of the Dutch population is overweight, leading to chronic diseases such as diabetes and severe outcomes of COVID-19; and that there are big health inequalities between people, related to education level and socio-economic status?

To put this trend to a halt we need to create healthier food environments. You might already be aware of discussions about health logos on packaged foods, about local governments being pushed to refuse fast-food restaurants near schools, about healthier school canteens, about misleading food labelling, kids marketing, salt and sugar reduction in foods. This minor helps you to better understand the role of our food environment in the context of current health problems and gives you insight in the roles that different stakeholders such as food industry, NGO’s, governments and consumers play.

Would you like to contribute to a healthier world together with students from other disciplines by making the healthy choice the easy choice? Then the programme Creating a healthy food environment might be the perfect fit for you!

About the program

In 20 weeks we will offer you a program in which you will be challenged to develop, apply and/or evaluate a strategy that will contribute to a healthier eating environment.You can think of an analysis of what needs to be done by whom for prohibition of kids marketing or implementation of sugar tax; design a supermarket(web shop) strategy to help consumers to make healthier choices; implement or evaluate healthy school lunches in elementary schools or healthy choices in hospitals or other care institutes.

As part of this you will learn how to use high quality information on for example nutrition and health, the food environment, legislation, roles of stakeholders and apply this in your work. You will also gain insight in the different points of view on the topic nutrition & health from the different stakeholders (such as government, industry, NGO's) and develop your own critical viewpoint.

Duration will be 20 weeks of interdisciplinary project work, lectures e.g. from guest speakers representing government, industry and NGO's who will share their expertise, their challenges and successes.

Learning goals

The student will collect reliable information and use this as a basis to form a critical, nuanced and substantiated point of view on the causes of our unhealthy food environment.

The student uses this point of view to develop an effective strategy that leads to a healthier food environment which enables the consumer to eat healthier. The student takes into account the interests of the different stakeholders involved: e.g. food industry, government, consumers, NGO’s.


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