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Join an expedition into the world of Entrepreneurship in Agri, Food and Living Environment.

About the program

In the minor Expedition Entrepreneurship, you are going on a journey to discover the world of green entrepreneurship. How does this world look like? Are you the inventor, the business entrepreneur or the intrapreneur? What type of entrepreneurship belongs typically to you? How can you use this into your own business?

To understand what type you are, you will dive into your own personality, as well as plunge into the ocean of entrepreneurship. What are the challenges that entrepreneurs are facing? What are their dilemmas? How to be entrepreneurial? What characteristics have entrepreneurs in common? Who do you need in entrepreneurship? Design your own learning path to develop these skills and achieve the entrepreneurial role you envision for yourself.

You will make your own itinerary in search of a quest for the meaning of entrepreneurship in this sector.

Learning goals

What will you do:

  • Discover your own values, passion, and drive
  • Experience real entrepreneurship by partnering with CEOs
  • Translate these experiences to your own growth path and define your final goal
  • In an excursion week, domestic/abroad, we will visit entrepreneurs and together create solutions for some of their challenges
  • Debate about challenges and solutions with real-life cases and present these to the entrepreneurs
  • Learn from these personal experiences to develop your knowledge and skills learning goals to reach your destination
  • Capture your journey in a portfolio to be assessed by a lecturer and an entrepreneur. Describe, analyse, and underpin your learning process carefully


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