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Will you join us on an expedition into the world of entrepreneurship in Food, Agri & Environment?

During this minor of 20 weeks, you will embark on a journey to explore this challenging world. Discover what the life of an entrepreneur looks like, but also which type of entrepreneurship suits you best. This includes the inventor, the business entrepreneur or the intrapreneur. Dive into the ocean of entrepreneurship and gradually discover whether it makes you feel like a fish in the water.

About the program

This minor allows you to explore all the facets of entrepreneurship in the ‘green’ environment. What challenges do entrepreneurs face in Food, Agri & Environment? And what dilemmas? How enterprising are they, what characteristics do they have in common and what skills do they require? At the same time, you will explore what roles might suit your personality in this entrepreneurial world. You will design and follow your own learning path while you develop skills that are required for the entrepreneurial role you aspire to.

The minor 'Expedition Entrepreneurship in Food, Agri & Environment' is offered in English and Dutch.

Learning goals

During this minor, you will learn:

  • to discover your individual values, passion and drivers;
  • what true entrepreneurship means, thanks to cooperation with company directors;
  • to translate experiences into your own growth path with a clear end goal;
  • to come up with solutions to the challenges of entrepreneurs you will meet during company visits during an excursion week (national and international);
  • to debate about challenges in real-life cases and present solutions to entrepreneurs;
  • to turn your personal experiences into knowledge and skills that will help you get to your final destination.

You will record your journey in a portfolio, describing, analysing and substantiating the learning process.


Want to sign up for the Expedition Entrepreneurship in Food, Agri & Environment?

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