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The message is getting louder that something must change in how we deal with our landscape, nature and resources and that agriculture has an important role to play in this. We notice this at different levels across the globe, with work being done on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the EU indicating in its Green Deal -Farm to Fork strategy- that 25% of agriculture should be organic, the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality focusing on circular agriculture and the province of Noord-Brabant committing itself to coaching and supporting local agricultural entrepreneurs who want to take steps in nature-inclusive agriculture.

A particularly complex puzzle

These agendas and policies respond to the increasing call from society to come up with solutions for the decline of landscape and biodiversity, disruptive climate effects and growing energy demand. This requires more sustainable forms of agricultural land use and a new view of the use of natural space, which is certainly under pressure in a densely populated country such as the Netherlands.

About the program

A particularly complex spatial, ecological and socio-economic puzzle. The central challenge in this puzzle is to bring the environment and agricultural entrepreneur together. Are you a future professional who can think and act at an area level, who can establish connections with the parties involved and who jointly shapes innovative sustainable solutions? Or are you a future (agricultural) entrepreneur or his advisor, who explores from different angles how the company is permanently economically profitable and fits into its environment. And that makes an integral contribution to biodiversity and other social issues?

The minor Farming with Nature focuses on this puzzle by looking in an interdisciplinary manner at an area level and at an entrepreneurial level at current issues surrounding economically profitable entrepreneurship with nature. In doing so, you choose whether you want to focus on the Dutch situation or whether you want to focus yourself internationally.

Learning goals

Do you want to :

  • deepen your professional knowledge and contribute effectively to complex practical issues in a region?
  • work and learn with students from other study programs and with parties from the professional field? And thus gain a better understanding of the relationship between agriculture and nature?
  • give shape to sustainable solutions with a focus on nature, society and the economy at both an area level and an entrepreneurial level by working on concrete practical issues?
  • work internationally, in an intercultural setting?
  • know where you can develop yourself in terms of entrepreneurship, self-awareness and create meaningful impact?

Then you should follow the minor Farming with Nature at HAS University of Applied Sciences. 


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