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The specialization Food Business uses SCRUM to stimulate both multidisciplinary working and autonomy. The project starts in term 1 with project briefings by a food company, a SCRUM training session and by creating the teams based on talents and interests. There are just a few lectures in some of the specific areas covered: value creation, sustainability, the world of ingredients, advice skills. These are aimed at supporting the project. In addition, individual project teams may also:

  • Request advice from internal (lecturers) and/or external experts
  • Organise guest lectures relevant to their project

Each project team is linked to a project owner (lecturer), who is responsible for drawing up the ‘definition of done’ for the entire project and for the in-between sprints. They are also the coach for the group. The project owner also provides support in drawing up the PAPs (Personal Action Plans) and the STARR overviews (Situation, Task, Action, Reflection, Result).