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Are you looking for an international challenge? Do you want to have impact and work towards positive change? Do you have a passion for agrifood business and an open mind? Then sign up for this inspiring 4th year specialization Future Food Systems.

The English-taught specialization is open to Dutch and foreign exchange students currently on a study programme related to Agriculture, Agribusiness, Food production or Environmental studies.

This 4th year specialization is offered by the programme International Food & Agribusiness and runs during term 1 and 2, from September till February.

About the specialisation

The current status of the agriculture sector is not so much the result of misguided intention, but more of system failure. Our supply chains are long and not always transparent. In Future Food Systems you will investigate production chains and come up with scenarios for transition; scenarios that enhance both sustainability and business.

The course focuses on ‘Value Based Transition Management’; how to improve the world into a better place, starting with your own inner values leading to a value based change of the agrifood system.

What does Future Food Systems have to offer?

First of all a great international setting, in which you will work together with other passionate students, lecturers and professionals on positive change in our food system.

The course is a unique opportunity to gain deep insights and expand your knowledge on:

  • Transition in the agrifood system, on sector and country level, and innovation towards a more sustainable future.
  • Your own inner values, to enable yourself to lead a value based change in the agrifood system, by workshops on leadership styles and college tours in which leaders from the professional field are interviewed
  • New developments and innovations in a chosen domain (crop, animal, or food), by doing workshops and doing an individual research project