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The current status of the agricultural sector is not so much the result of misguided intentions as it is a system failure. Our supply chains are long and not always transparent. Our global markets are focused on cost price, and not based on a long-term sustainability perspective for the different stakeholders. Not only the market needs to change, also the service sector, governments and financial sectors need to make a sustainability transition. Transformation with simultaneous innovation is necessary and 'as we speak' work in progress.

About the program

The New Business Models should respond to 'Doing Better Things' and 'Building Resilience to Uncertainties'. Within this module it is about that search for sustainable renewal, not about 'Doing Things Better'. Starting from your own personal motives and values, we search for more sustainable production systems and more resilience to uncertainty and innovation; we go for 'Value Based Change Implementation'.

The 4th year 100% English spoken specialization is divided into 4 main subjects:

  • Transition of a country or sector in the full scope of stakeholders, using Multi Level Perspective and Scenario Building (group assignment)
  • Values-based Personal Leadership as a motive for Change and Leadership of others. 
  • Circular Calculations of process and business, using True Cost Accounting, Multi Criteria Analysis and New Business Models (group assignment)
  • Domain and Individual Research: Individual research within your own choice primary production or food

The module combines individual and group assignments into an extensive search for more sustainable food systems.

Learning goals

The module contributes to all learning goals at level 2 and level 3 of the program International Food & Agribusiness:

  • Improving sustainability of the Global Agro-food system
  • Applying bio-based & circular economy principles in agro-food systems (final)
  • Contributing to sustainable innovation in a sector (primary production or food processing/nutrition) (final)
  • Contributing to international business development
  • Providing advice
  • Networking & influencing
  • (Self)-reflection and judgement
  • Project management
  • Doing research (final)


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