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If you have been accepted as an exchange student you will receive information by email (approximately mid-December for students who start in February, approximately June for students who start at the end of August) how to make use of the Accommodation Service. The Accommodation Service is an online portal in which you can choose for a certain room (first come – first serve).


In order to make use of the Accommodation Service you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have been accepted as an exchange student.
  • You live outside a 500 km radius of ‘s-Hertogenbosch or Venlo.
  • You are not residing in the Netherlands before the start of your studies.

Room offer

The room offer consists of the following types of accommodation:

  1. Rooms which are subletted by HAS-students who are going abroad because of an internship/minor. These rooms are furnished and prices range from €400 to €550 (including energy costs and internet).
  2. Furnished rooms/ studio’s (limited offer) near HAS University of Applied Sciences through the student housing associations in ‘s-Hertogenbosch: StudentRoomsBrabant. These rooms/ studios are furnished and prices range from € 475 (room with shared facilities) to € 625 (private studio). Please note that you need to be registered (€10) with StudentRoomsBrabant in order to be able to register/ apply for this type of accommodation through our Accommodation Service.

NOTE: You can only see the room offer once the International Office has informed StudentRoomsBrabant that you can get access to the limited furnished roomoffer on their website (available approximately end June). You need to log in to their website in order to see the room offer

In case there are no rooms/studio’s left in the Accommodation Portal you can use your registration to get an unfurnished room through StudentRoomsBrabant. More information on this is available in our infosheet Finding Housing in 's-Hertogenbosch.



In Venlo assistance with student accommodation is organized differently. Once you have been accepted as an exchange student, you can get help with finding accommodation in Venlo. You will receive further information about this from our International Office.