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Do you wish to contribute to helping the agrifood sector to change? Grab your chance today. Set this change in motion by attending the program Innovating agri-food production systems. Because your involvement and contribution are valuable!

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Minor at a glance

In this video a lecturer and a student tell you more about their experiences during the minor Innovating Agri-food Production Systems.

About the program

You know that the rural areas face huge challenges: economic, technological, environmental and social. Things need to change. Things are going to change, and it will affect us all. A future-proof agricultural system will only work, if everyone works together, with respect for each other; and if all involved focus on innovating the system.

You will delve into how the sector is already innovating; and how this has an effect at a system level. Therefore: how is the sector transforming to circular and sustainable, whilst maintaining fair earnings for all parties? You analyse what contributes to this transformation; and what contributes less, or not at all. You will learn where the innovations are in the chain that you believe will really make a difference.

Interesting, challenging and useful

In the program Innovating agri-food production systems you will get to work with a specific, current and relevant issue that matches your interests. You will do this with fellow students and with companies and institutions from the agrifood sector. Experts will guide you through the material, you will carry out your own research, work closely together in the field and ultimately present a recommendation for the sector. Be a part of it. Your involvement and contribution are needed!

Learning goals

You will be able to analyse, with a multi-perspective approach, (international) developments, and contributes to improvements and opportunities towards a sustainable agri-food system.

Specific aims are:

  • you will able to apply system thinking in a practical situation;
  • you understand the drivers of agri-food systems and how the relate;
  • you applie knowledge about innovations on short-term, mid-long term and long-term (with other words on operational, tactical and strategic level);
  • you can demonstrate the implication(s) of innovation in the agri-food chain.


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