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If your home university has an agreement with HAS University of Applied Sciences, you don’t have to pay tuition fee. If there is no agreement, so if you are a free mover, you are expected to pay tuition fee.

per month

Avarage costs

Exchange students can expect to spend between 800 euros and 1100 euros per month.

The expenses include:

  • food,
  • public transportation,
  • books,
  • clothes,
  • housing and
  • insurance.

Please be aware that the tuition fee (if applicable) is not included in this amount.

  • 1/3 of these expenses will go to the rent of your room.
    The rent of a room varies between 300 euro – 600 euro per month.
  • 1/3 of your income will go to food.
    You can eat in pubs, but the cheapest way is to cook yourself or together with roommates.
  • And the remaining 3rd of your expenses will go towards insurances, books, travel and leisure.

More information about daily expenses can be found on the website of Study in Holland.

's-Hertogenbosch and Venlo

Student discounts

Students can get discounts at various: 

  • bars and restaurants,
  • hairdressers,
  • museums and
  • cinemas.

In most cases you need to show your student card to get the discount. You will receive the student card in September.


Student Sports card

On the website of Sportiom you can find more information (in Dutch) about the sport facilities at Sportiom. Students of HAS University of Applied Sciences can sport at Sportiom with a student discount. To obtain this card you need to show your student card of HAS University of Applied Sciences.

Visit the website of Sportiom
(Dutch website)