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Entrepreneurship & Innovation! These qualities are what you need most in business. In this 15 ECTS minor Business Innovation you analyse the market, create ideas and built your own new business concept. The concept can be your own idea or an improvement for a company. So why not join us and discover the exciting world of entrepreneurship and innovation in food and agro at HAS University of Applied Sciences. 

HAS University of Applied Sciences in Venlo is an entrepreneurial green University of Applied Sciences, that cooperates with many businesses in food and agro in the Netherlands and abroad. The minor Business Innovation is inspiring and challenging.

We do our best to help you develop yourself and your ideas and learn the needed skills and knowledge, but we also expect a lot from you. 

In this minor

In this minor we organise lectures about innovation, concept design, sustainable business, and business models. Guest lectures and intensive coaching by us and your fellow students in small study groups is also part of the minor. We expect you to develop your own business idea. Doing so, you participate actively in the study group; review and help the other students as they will help you; organize a seminar and meet with many professionals that can help you in the development and realisation of your idea. At the end, you will present your business idea to specialists in Start up companies and private investors. 

Maybe it sounds like a lot of work, but if you cooperate and have fun together, also developing yourself and learning, can be rewarding and fun.


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