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Do you find yourself answering questions like: 

  • Who would buy this product and why?
  • What factors drive this business' performance? 
  • what business information is needed to manage operational processes? 
  • Do I feel this entrepreneur 'has what it takes'? 
  • Does this company's strategy aid to the development of it's business? 
  • Is this business performing as well as it had planned? 
  • What are the options for financing a business plan? 

And, do you see yourself working as a consultant, in accountancy or at a bank? 


Our minor Finance Operations provides business majors like you with a more thorough comprehension of the economy-wide variables that are beyond a business' control but can critically influence its performance. It also offers a broader insight into more micro-economic key business and finance principles. This minor further provides you with an in-depth understanding of their application to issues faced by decision-makers in financial and consulting sectors of the global economy. Finance Operations also covers the principles used by investors to identify and assess investment alternatives. 


Through a case study you learn to apply these principles to a real-life agricultural or food business operating in global markets. our lecturers at HAs University of Applied Sciences share their real-life experience. Working closely together with professionals from the business community they coach you while you analyse a new or going-concern business and identify what it is that drives the entrepreneur and the business. You investigate the consequences of strategic or tactical decisions and assess and forecast the company's performance. 

A good fit

This minor is a good fit with HAS minor 'Business Innovation'. 


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