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Do you want to learn how to increase sustainability in the broad discipline of crop science, livestock production and leisure using precision technology and data?

Expand your field of expertise

Expand your field of expertise in projects where, for example, you will:

  • combine location and activity data for the early detection of claw diseases of cows;
  • measure soil humidity and temperature using precision sensors to improve the quality of golf fields;
  • analyse data from soil and crop sensors to predict and improve yields  of different crops.

Smart Farming provides a learning environment for students with various backgrounds in which they acquire and apply knowledge and gain skills for developing innovative solutions.

Themes during minor Smart Farming

Themes to be discussed are:

  • New technologies in different sectors such as health care and leisure and examples of smart farming in different agricultural sectors
  • Cross overs: gaining knowledge and skills from a multi-disciplinary perspective to find solutions for your own field of expertise
  • You will develop your own set of tools: learning techniques such as biomimicry, sensing, robotics and data science covering different sectors such as health care, nature, geo-information and the internet of things
  • (Big) data: from data to information using the data cycle: data acquisition, storage, analysis, visualisation, actions and evaluation
  • Sustainability: people, planet, profit of smart farming
  • Implement the previous themes in projects intended for different stakeholders

Why sign up for his minor?

You will be prepared for the future of Smart Farming by:

  • working  in a multidisciplinary project
  • looking at technical and biological aspects;
  • handling the complex data cycle;
  • being inspired by innovative precision technology;
  • following a diverse program of (guest)lectures from experts;
  • developing your talents and show your fellow students your own field of expertise


Want to sign up for the Minor Smart Farming?

Here you find more information about the application procedure.