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The Department of Environmental Studies at HAS University of Applied Science is offering you a 4th year specialization. Organisations with high ambitions with respect to sustainability and the environment are facing major challenges. They are in need of your help. Can you advise them? Are you able to translate their ambitions into practical solutions? This  specialization offers you a real opportunity for personal growth and hands-on experience working on sustainability issues in a real-life setting.

Why sign up?

  • The  specialization offers you the opportunity to use your talents to the full and to further develop your skills and competences
  • You will be allocated to a team based on your talents and personal passion
  • You will be assigned the roll that best fits your personal profile
  • The  specialization is a genuine challenge: you will be working on real-life projects from actual business clients
  • You will be challenged to come up with solutions to complex environmental issues
  • Dutch business is leading when it comes to creating innovative solutions in areas such as waste processing, increasing the economic value of waste, alternative energy and water management. This  specialization offers you the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in this innovative sector

The specialization is an initiative of a team of lecturers from the Bachelor study programmes:
Environmental Studies, Business Administration & Agribusiness, International Food & Agribusiness, Food Technology, and Management of the Environment.