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Sustainability is a worldwide and multidisciplinary challenge that cannot be met within the walls of a university or the borders of a single country. That is why HAS University of Applied Sciences wants to connect students from different countries and study programmes in a program: “Challenge Sustainability”.

About the program

This fourth-year program is developed by the department of Environmental Studies and is open to students from all kinds of disciplines from all over the world. It is based on a unique concept within the HAS educational program. It is a project based program in which the challenge is to find solutions to sustainability challenges that real life clients are facing. Those challenges lie in the field of  spatial planning, development, production and consumption. We want to equip students in this program with knowledge and skills, which help them to take the driver’s seat in their own professional development. Within their project students are invited to focus on their personal interests, talents and individual learning goals. Students are also responsible for formulating their own educational curriculum by contacting experts or asking for training on demand.

The program will take place during the first semester of the academic year. During 20 weeks, the group of students will operate as one consultancy team, working on one or more sustainability projects.

The projects will benefit from the variety of expertise and talent contributed by students with different backgrounds. A basic understanding of sustainability and a good understanding of your own expertise will suffice to take part in this program. An introduction to sustainability is offered in the beginning of this course.

Learning goals

In this program, students will learn how to:

  • Contribute to sustainable development;
  • Develop their own path of growth, based on their personal interests, talents, knowledge and skills;
  • Deepen knowledge and skills of their own choice and apply these in challenging projects;
  • Work in multidisciplinary and international teams;
  • Develop their creativity to solve future challenges.

The program is an initiative of a team of lecturers from the Bachelor study programmes:
Environmental Studies, Business Administration & Agribusiness, International Food & Agribusiness, Food Technology, and Management of the Environment.


Want to sign up for the program Challenge Sustainability?

Here you can find out more information about the application procedure.