Can cucumber plants be boosted?

Cucumber boost challenge

HAS University of Applied Sciences is the best educational and expertise Centre in the Southern Netherlands for the agrifood and environment sectors, with 2 sites:

  1. 's-Hertogenbosch (also known as Den Bosch)
  2. Venlo



Den Bosch

Onderwijsboulevard 221
5223 DE ’s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands


Spoorstraat 62
5911 KJ Venlo
The Netherlands


The idea is that you use public transport or a bike.

The parking facilities at HAS University of Applied Sciences are intended for staff.

Medical Assistance

HAS University of Applied Sciences does not have a campus. Medical assistance can therefore not be found on our premises. We do have an Emergency response team to lend first aid assistance.

The Netherlands has an excellent standard of Dutch healthcare, rated as the best in Europe. The Netherlands topped the list of 35 countries in the 2017 Euro Health Consumer Index (the ‘industry standard’ of modern healthcare) for the best healthcare services.