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An international internship is a unique experience: as HAS University of Applied Sciences student you'll broaden your horizon, gain international experience and you'll grow as a person, both personally and professionally. You'll get to know a new culture and improve your language skills.To work and live abroad requires some personal creativity and flexibility. You will have to familiarise yourself with a new way of working, etiquette, and perhaps even a completely different perspective on your field.


International experience is an advantage for finding a job at Higher Professional Education level. The industry increasingly demands people with an understanding of international developments.  And having worked and lived outside your own country is also part of being a multicultural world citizen.

Internship integral part

Plenty of reasons for HAS University of Applied Sciences to make the international internship an integral part of the curriculum! Annually, between 500 and 600 students do a internship outside the Netherlands! So, you're not the only one at HAS!