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As a new international student for one of our English taught study programmes ór an international exchange student from one of our partner universities you can make use of the Accommodation Mediation Service offered by HAS in cooperation with Student Rooms Brabant (online platform with student rooms) and BrabantWonen (housing agency).


If you are a new international student who is admitted on the basis of a non-Dutch diploma ór if you are accepted as an international exchange student you will receive information on how to apply for the Accommodation Mediation Service on either one of the following moments:

If you start your studies in September                                                            : beginning of June
If you start your studies in February (only applicable for exchange) : beginning of November

There is a limited amount of furnished accommodation which is made available by BrabantWonen on the StudentRoomsBrabant platform especially for international students of HAS. We use the first-come-first-serve principle for the applications for the mediation service.


In order to apply for the Accommodation Mediation Service you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You have applied for one of our English taught study programmes/ exchange programmes before 1 May (only applicable for students starting in September)
  • You live outside a 500 km radius of ‘s-Hertogenbosch
  • You haven’t studied at HAS University of Applied Sciences before
  • You are not residing in the Netherlands before the start of your studies
  • Non-EU students: you have paid your invoice before 1 June
  • You are registered at StudenRoomsBrabant (registration costs € 10)

Accommodation offer

The Accommodation Mediation Service offers accommodation for your first year of studies ór your exchange period. If you book a room/studio through our mediation service you will receive a rental contract with a fixed period.

Furnished rooms with shared facilities cost approximately € 475/month and furnished studios with private facilities approximately € 625/month.

Besides the registration fee of StudentRoomsBrabant and the rent per month you will also be charged an administration fee of € 25 and a deposit of € 500 by BrabantWonen.

NOTE: It is not possible to see the furnished roomoffer at StudentRoomsBrabant which is offered through the mediation service before you are “labelled” for this by HAS.

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