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Are you about to study at HAS University of Applied Sciences next study year?

We can imagine that you would like to know how HAS University of Applied Sciences is going to organize its education in the academic year 2021-2022.

The Student Advisers of our English-taught Bachelor programmes have written a special letter to welcome you to our University of Applied Sciences.

Click below for the letter of your Student Adviser: 

Please scroll down and read all information on the 'info for new students' pages carefully and check your email frequently to be fully informed. 


We will offer physical education at the HAS campus (if Dutch regulations give us the opportunity to do so), most likely combined with online courses.

We advise you to prepare yourself for you studies in the Netherlands despite the uncertainties. And please frequently check your e-mail and our website for updates about the developments for your 1st year at HAS University.

For questions, please contact the study adviser Maaike Mikkers (for HBM) and Esther van Lieshout (for IFA).

Dutch-taught Bachelor programme

Did you apply for a Dutch study programme at HAS University of Applied Sciences?

Please check out the new students information on our Dutch website to find all information. 

Information new students Dutch-taught study programmes


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