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The literature list gives all the literature you need for year 1 term 1 of your Bachelor study programme at HAS University of Applied Sciences. You will receive the literature lists for subsequent terms once you’re at HAS University of Applied Sciences.

Literature list

You can download the list for your study programme below. Prices given are as an indication.

Types of literature

There are 3 types of literature you need for studying at HAS University of Applied Sciences: books, lecture notes and Blackboard.

  1. Books: 
    can be ordered, at bookshop Hurkmans: Another possibility is to order them at a local book store.
  2. Lecture notes:
    can only be bought at bookshop Hurkmans. They are always available, so there is no need (nor possibility) to order them.
  3. Blackboard:
    refers to materials that will be digitally available in September.

In your introduction period, time will be availilable to get your books (if ordered) and lecture notes. Your coach will help you with this.

Please contact Hurkmans

Questions regarding ordering books or lecture notes




Exchange Students

International exchange students taking part in:

  •  a 3rd year minor or
  • a 4th year specialisation

will be sent a reading list by email.