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To enrol as a student at HAS University of Applied Sciences, you need to pay tuition fees. 

Tuition fees for the academic year 2019-2020:

The tuition fees for EU-students are € 2.083.
The tuition fees for non-EU students are € 7.550.  
(excluding students Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, and Switzerland)

More information about how to set up payment for your tuitions fees can be found on our payment tuition fees page. 

Visit Payment tuition fees.



Terms & Conditions for halving tuition fees for 1 year
Halving the 1st year tuition fee applies to all students who:
  • Started their first undergraduate study programme at a university of applied sciences or university funded by the Dutch government during or after the academic year 2018-2019
  • Is starting a bachelor degree or associate degree
  • Pays the regulatory tuition fees
This applies to full-time students, dual study students, part-time students, Open University students and university college students.
You will find the latest information on the website.

Additional Costs

Next to the tuition fee, you also have additional costs for your study programme. 

Below, you can find an estimation of the additional costs for the 1st year of study at HAS University of Applied Sciences.

Excursion costs

Mandatory excursions are included in several modules. The travel costs for these excursions are your own responsibility. The costs for the excursions can differ per study programme. You can find an indication of the excursion costs in your first year below.

Location Venlo

Study programme

Business Management in Agriculture & Food

  • Introduction days: € 50,-
  • Literature: € 280,-
  • Excursion*: € 175,-

Total costs: € 505,-

Location Den Bosch


International Food Agribusiness

  • Literature: €390,-
  • Lab coats: €35,-
  • Excursion: €290,-

Totaal costs: € 715,-

Horticulture & Business Management

  • Literature: €300,-
  • Excursion: € 125,-

Total costs: € 425,-


Fees for the above will be charged during the 1st period of your studies.

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