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HAS University of Applied Sciences site 's-Hertogenbosch offers various facilities for their students.


Student at location Den Bosch can make use of a large 2-floor StudyCentre where they can borrow books about agro, food and living environment. They can also stay updated on current events by means of subscriptions to newspapers and magazines. The StudyCentre includes a library and a space with study areas for students, with and without a computer.


Greeni is a digital library with an extensive catalogue. It contains internet sources, databases and full-text journal articles especially selected for HAS University of Applied Sciences. Greeni is the starting point for the students when they are looking for information.


In the gardens behind HAS University of Applied Sciences vegetables, fruits, flowers, plants and trees are being reared by students. The gardens provide many opportunities for growing and cultivation of green, and an excellent breeding ground for crop research and experiments.


The greenhouses at HAS University of Applied Sciences cover a surface of 1500 square meters, divided into 15 departments. Climate regulation and water supply are being controlled separately: ideal for horticulture research and crop cultivation.


Catering Service

In the Netherlands, most people only eat 1 hot meal each day; their dinner. This is the reason why the catering services at HAS University of Applied Sciences location 's-Hertogenbosch does not offer any hot meals during the day.

At the Food Square, fresh sandwiches, salads and yoghurt are prepared on the spot. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the building is open till 22 o’clock. These evenings hot meals are being provided from 17.00hr till 18.30hr. 

Look around in 's-Hertogenbosch

Do you want to know what it's like to study at HAS University of Applied Sciences? You can now walk around in our building in 's-Hertogenbosch!