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HAS University of Applied Sciences offers various facilities for their students.


Greeni is a digital library with an extensive catalogue. It contains internet sources, databases and full-text journal articles especially selected for HAS University of Applied Sciences. Greeni is the starting point for the students when they are looking for information.

Any library book you order will be sent to Reception @ HAS Venlo. You can pick books from any available library on GreenI, it does not have to be from the HAS library. You will receive an e-mail when your book arrives at HAS in Venlo, so you can pick it up on presentation of your student card. You can keep the book for four weeks, but extend on GreenI if you need it longer. See Willy or Astrid @ Reception with any questions!


HAS Venlo has subscriptions to the following English magazines: Farmer’s Weekly and National Geographic magazine, as well as a number of Dutch magazines. Current magazines can be found on the magazine rack in Student Study Centre 1 on the ground floor. Past editions are kept in the white cupboards in the main entrance hall. At Reception all study books of the current block are available to use on the premises. HAS Venlo also has subscriptions to three Dutch daily newspapers, namely De Volkskrant, Dagblad de Limburger and Boerderij Vandaag. These newspapers are kept for a week in the black trays on the post-cupboards by the kitchen.

Walk around in Venlo

Do you want to know what it's like to study at HAS University of Applied Sciences? You can now walk around in our building in Venlo!