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According to Elsevier and Keuzegids surveys. 

As in 2016 and 2017, HAS University of Applied Sciences is still in the top two in Elsevier and the Keuzegids HBO in terms of student satisfaction and quality of education. HAS has once again been voted 2nd best medium-sized University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands in the Keuzegids and best specialist university of applied sciences in Elsevier’s ‘Best Studies’ survey. That makes HAS University of Applied Sciences the best green university of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

Elsevier 'Beste Studies 2018' survey

BestStudyProgramsElsevier2018 - HAS UniversityIn the Elsevier ‘Best Studies 2018’ survey, we were voted the best specialist university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Of the 10 HAS study programmes evaluated, 7 were given an above-average rating. The other 3 study programmes received an average rating. We share first place with Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Keuzegids HBO 

kwaliteit-Hbo-2e-beste-middelgrote-hogeschool - HAS UniversityIn the Keuzegids HBO 2019 (a survey of students), HAS University of Applied Sciences achieved a total score of 67 points, slightly lower than last year’s total score of 73 points.  We remain in second place in the medium-sized universities of applied sciences category. Study programmes receiving more than 75 points are awarded the ‘Top Study Programme’ seal of approval. This applies to 2 study programmes at HAS University of Applied Sciences: 

  • Applied Biology (taught in Den Bosch and Venlo) and
  • Business Administration & Agri-foodbusiness (Den Bosch).

Visit the website HBO Keuzegids for more information. 

Handicap + Study annual report 2018

In addition, HAS University of Applied Sciences came 1st last month in the Handicap + Study annual report 2018. All medium-sized universities of applied sciences score above the average for all universities of applied sciences, some more than others. This means that students with disabilities often feel better served at this sort of educational institution. Just like last year, we are the frontrunner, with particularly good ratings for intake, supervision and adaptations during exams.

Working according to the unique HAS concept

Dick Pouwels, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of HAS University of Applied Sciences, reacted with enthusiasm to the results of the surveys: “We are happy that students still have a good opinion of our teaching. Our tried-and-tested concept of an innovative connection with the businesses and organisations within our professional field, the clear focus on agri-food and the living environment and the strong personal nature of our university of applied sciences; all these are held in high regard by both students and businesses. That makes us happy; they are central to our concept.”