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Update 1 April 2020

The health of students, staff and visitors is very important for HAS University of Applied Sciences, that is why we are closely monitoring developments related to coronavirus. We are following the guidelines and instructions from the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM), the GGD Municipal Health Service, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs relating to the coronavirus. Of course, HAS University is prepared for various scenarios so that we can take appropriate action if we receive guidelines and instructions to do so. 

At the request of the Cabinet, the educational activities of HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch and in Venlo will be discontinued from Friday March 13 to Sunday 3 May 2020. In the meantime the Board of Directors has decided to extent this up to and including the 1st of June. Until that date educational activities will be executed online. If the government decides to make the corona-measures less severe, we will reassess the possibilities to provide educational activities (including examination) on our HAS-locations, within the newly formulated measures of the government.

We are sending regular updates to students and employees via our internal communication channels and a special page on our intranet. This page is constantly updated as new facts become known. 

Are you an employee or student and do you have questions? Go to our intranet page. You can also reach this page following

For general information about the coronavirus we refer you to the RIVM website

You can also ask questions calling the special national phone number +31 (0)800-1351.