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The project Redhotintercrop - agroforestry chilli won the Outdoor category of the FoodManShip Awards during this year’s HAS Food Experience at HAS University of Applied Sciences. Students Dirk Beerendonk, Irene Boelen, Carlo Frenquellucci, Faye Hartman and Vincit Nkouka carried out research for Verstegen into the feasibility of chillies from food forests as an alternative to purchasing them on the global market.

Renewed concept

The 12th edition of the HAS Food Experience, held on 4 February 2020, attracted more than 1,500 visitors, including many food professionals and representatives from renowned food companies. Since the event last year, HAS University of Applied Sciences has updated the entire concept of the HAS Food Experience. The HAS Food Experience has transitioned from being a stage to providing a platform: ensuring more and more students find their way to market with their promising ideas and projects.

HAS University of Applied Sciences

Student presentations

During the HAS Food Experience 2020, more than 230 up-and-coming food professionals presented innovative projects under the theme ‘Today's Food Challenges’. The students came up with solutions to promote sustainability and health using innovative technologies. They also thought about the future of food and food systems and developed clever solutions to existing and future consumer needs. They did this mainly in collaboration with companies from the sector or, in some cases by setting up their own company.

FoodManShip Awards

As in previous years, a number of FoodManShip Awards were presented to students whose project displayed exceptional craftsmanship, creativity and entrepreneurship. New this time was the 'Outdoor category' award, which included impact on society as an extra parameter for the jury to consider. This year, the jury consisted of professors, alumni, ambassadors and editors-in-chief of mainstream and professional media.


Green & Tech
- Projects focusing on waste reduction, sustainability, reuse of raw materials, the circular economy
- Projects using new and existing technology, modifications to process technologies, technological modifications to ingredients
- Projects to improve quality and/or quality systems and tackle food fraud

Lifestyle & Health
- Projects that contribute to a healthier lifestyle
- Projects with healthy food and/or healthier options for consumers
- Projects with food concepts for specific target groups

Consumer & Business
- Projects that access new consumer groups, address consumer frustrations, create new categories or redesign existing ones
- Projects that focus on social interactions
- Projects that create new business models

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs
- Projects and/or entrepreneurs who want to start and/or scale up their business
- Students who want to launch their food concept in the market


Winner category External Impact
The winners of the FoodManShip Awards in the External Impact category are:

-Winner:  Redhotintercrop – agroforestry chilli by Dirk Beerendonk, Irene Boelen, Carlo Frenquellucci, Faye Hartman and Vincit Nkouka: research on behalf of Verstegen into the feasibility of chillies from food forests as an alternative to purchasing on the global market.
-Runner-up: Poober - packaging made from cow manure fibre by Janna van den Elzen: Poober is an innovative packaging material using cow manure, and brings innovation to the fruit and vegetable sector.

HAS University of Applied Sciences

Winners Green & Tech
The winners of the FoodManShip Awards in the Green & Tech category are:

-Winner:  The Rib Hunter - Vegetarian ribs by Palm Phonpornvithun: these vegetarian ribs for men are made from the waste stream from grain used in beer brewing.
-Runner-up: Broad bean ice cream - PULSE project by Fabiën Daanen, Manon Dierx, Vince Leufkens and Romy Struijk: this is a vegetable ice product in which the broad bean protein isolate is used as an emulsifying and stabilising agent.

Winners Lifestyle & Health
The winners of the FoodManShip Awards in the Lifestyle & Health category are:

-Winner:  ZÓ - 250g of vegetables in 1 eating moment! by Connor Goldsmits: a concept that ensures you get the recommended daily quantity of vegetables in one go, in a tasty, easy and accessible way.
-Runner-up: Uk & Puk - Hello Peanut! Hello Egg! by Annet-Jeth de Groot: readymade baby food with peanuts or egg. Parents can introduce allergens to their child early on using a step-by-step plan.

Winners Consumer & Business
The winners of the FoodManShip Awards in the Consumer & Business category are:

-Winner:  Rice waffle packaging by Sjoukje Latinga: an innovative, resealable and airtight rice waffle packaging that guarantees crispy rice waffles at any time.
-Runner-up: Warming-up room - Warm to-go products by Manon Dierx: a warm and healthy vegetable PURÉE with various toppings and sauces for when you have to wait for your train in the cold.

Winners Start-ups & Entrepreneurs
The winners of the FoodManShip Awards in the Start-ups & Entrepreneurs category are:

-Winner:  Dabba Diner by Noor Boereboom and Alexander Steenis: home-delivered vegetarian meals in Dabbas. These are stainless steel meal boxes.
-Runner-up: De Ballerij - Date Truffles by Collin Brom: a tasty snack that contains only dates, nuts, seeds and dried fruit.