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Horses, pigs, cows, chickens... Whichever is your favourite animal, Livestock farming will teach you how you can use your passion to run a company. For instance, with animals for production, but also nature conservation, as a companion, for sport or hobby. This Bachelor’s programme is practice-oriented and subject-based. You will learn how to apply knowledge and insights right away. This will enable you to start working in a variety of sectors, in your own company or as adviser or business consultant.
Important aspects of the Livestock farming study programme:

  • Theory and practice 
  • People, Planet, Profit

Studying and working

In the Livestock farming study programme, you will learn all about feeding and breeding, animal health and animal welfare, soil, plant, technology, business administration and marketing. In the Technology Lab you will be doing your own research into this. Also unique is our training company Hoeve Boveneind, where you can put into practice what you have learned. 

People, Planet, Profit

Sustainability is a hot item in Livestock farming – logically so, as a sustainable enterprise has more chances in the future. In your study programme you will be spending a lot of attention on the three Ps. ‘People’ stands for social environment, ‘Planet’ for ecology and ‘Profit’ represents the economic factor. The better balanced the three Ps are, the more sustainable the enterprise.