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Theory, practice, cases and projects: they all come together in the Bachelor’s programme Applied Biology. From the very first year onwards, you will be working in groups on practical issues from the field, often in an assignment for a company. In the greenhouse, the animal building or outdoors, you will be collecting data for your research. Using statistical analysis, you will be turning the results into suitable advice to present to your client in a clear manner. So you’ll need to be good at collaborating, planning and organising for this study programme.  

You can choose from 3 specialisations:

For biodiversity and sustainability

Applied Biology also stands for biodiversity and a sustainable living environment. With your research, you will be contributing to the balance between various plants and species in nature, now and in the future.

Study programme with a future

The Applied Biology study programme offers plenty of future prospects. You can get to work in all kinds of roles, for instance as an ecology adviser, animal welfare researcher or expert in the field of plant breeding or plant disease.