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A healthy business starts with a sound financial base, sophisticated logistics and ingenious marketing. The same applies to the agricultural sector. In the Business Administration & Agribusiness study programme, you will get a thorough grounding in the business side of things. From production to distribution and trade, you will learn everything you need here to start your own company or to expand an existing company. For instance, as a business consultant or financial adviser, or as a logistics manager for an accountant, supermarket or nursery. Perhaps you will become an entrepreneur or go international as a commercial manager. The world’s your oyster!

Financial advice

Capitalise on your knowledge

Loans and customer relations, financing and budgets, taxes and insurance. In Business Administration & Agribusiness, all of these will be studied. It will enable you to deliver professional advice as a financial adviser, helping your customers to get ahead.


What does the market want?

How do you market a product? How will it be priced?  And which communication tools will you be using? The Business Administration & Agribusiness study programme will not only teach you how to develop a marketing concept, but also how to translate demand from the market into new products. 


Goods in the right direction

How do you ensure that, for instance, spinach reaches the consumer in a fresh, fast and neatly packaged state? This question is central to logistics. It is not just about purchasing and sales, but also about the storage of goods, and seamless transport. Your logistical knowledge will give you a multitude of options, for instance as a logistics manager or commercial manager.