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Behind the food on your plate, or the flowers in a vase, lies a fascinating world of nurseries, auctions, supply companies and consultancy firms. During the Dutch-taught Bachelor’s programme Business Administration & Agri-foodbusiness in Venlo you will learn in 4 years all about the business side of the agricultural and food sector, from management and finance to logistics and marketing.

But learning is not all that you do, for Business Administration & Agri-foodbusiness is first and foremost practice-oriented. Thinking and acting are central to this highly versatile study programme.


About the programme

One moment you are doing the books and figures, the next you are standing in a field or inside the greenhouse. This typifies the Bachelor’s programme Business Administration & Agri-foodbusiness. We will train you to be the ideal discussion partner for agricultural entrepreneurs, with knowledge of food, plants and animals, but also, and especially, knowledge of innovative management. Financial matters, logistical challenges, marketing and sales: all of these will be addressed, with plenty of examples from the field, as Venlo is an food hotspot full of innovative agricultural companies.

More about the study programme

Be prepared

Admission requirements

The admission requirement for this 4-year Bachelor programme is a secondary school diploma, with mathematics as one of the final-year subjects. Practical (work-) experience is beneficial but not obligatory.

Language requirements

- NT2-certificate Dutch
- Proof that you have followed education in Dutch until 3 HAVO / 3 VWO

For questions about Business Administration & Agri-foodbusiness, please contact Student Adviser Astrid Jillings:
call +31 (0) 88 - 890 30 79 or email

Ready for the future!

Career prospects

As agricultural business engineer you can work for a diversity of businesses and institutes in agricultural sectors and (semi) government service. Such as? Banks, insurers, or consultancies. Animal feed, seeds or computer businesses. But also at auctions and forward markets, in wholesale trade, export business, or cooperatives.

Job prospects

  • Marketing manager
  • Finance advisor
  • Commercial manager
  • Logitics manager
  • Entrepenuer (start up your own busines)
For all your questions


Astrid Jillings

Astrid Jillings

Student Adviser +31 88 890 30 79