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One moment you are doing the books and figures, the next you are standing in a field or inside the greenhouse. This typifies the Bachelor’s programme Business Administration & Agribusiness. We will train you to be the ideal discussion partner for agricultural entrepreneurs, with knowledge of plants and animals, but also, and especially, knowledge of innovative management. Financial matters, logistical challenges, marketing and sales: all of these will be addressed, with plenty of examples from the field, as Venlo is an agricultural hotspot full of innovative agricultural companies.

Career prospects

Thinking and acting

In Business Administration & Agri-foodbusiness, you can specialise in one of 3 professional fields:

  • Agricultural enterprise
  • International trade
  • Financial services

In Venlo, you can also choose to do the English-taught version of the Bachelor’s programme Business Management in Agriculture & Food

Study at partner companies

Right in the middle of things

Researching sales opportunities for a fruit and vegetables importer, doing market research for a dairy products processor or calculating the financial consequences of an investment for an agricultural entrepreneur – these are some of the questions students are posed from the professional field. There is never any need to spend a long time looking for a project; students are very welcome in the countless agricultural companies in and around Venlo!

As discussion partner or start your own business

Ideal for entrepeneurs

With your knowledge of both production and management, sales and marketing, logistics and finance, you will be the ideal discussion partner for agricultural entrepreneurs. You will be able to start working, for instance, for banks, insurance companies or consultancy firms, as a logistics manager or as a commercial manager. Or you could launch your own business!