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This English study programme focusses on food business and the plant, animal and flower sector. In international groups of students, you get to know the business and how a food or agricultural company is organised and managed.

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Year 3: Two-year plan, personal profile, internships and minor

In years 3 and 4, you will have considerable space to put together your own study programme. Your 2-year plan forms the basis on which you will graduate with your personal profile. This is entirely tailor-made to suit you. You will choose your own internships and minor in the order you want to take them, and with companies and at universities of your choice.

The internships are an important part of your study programme. You will be on internships for a period of 30 weeks in the Netherlands and abroad. They enable you to gain considerable practical experience, learn to work independently and develop your personal qualities. You will also follow minors at the HAS, or at another university in the Netherlands or abroad.  

Year 4: Specialisation and Professional Assignment

In the fourth year, you will work in a group of 2 or 3 students on a professional assignment. This is a real-life assignment from the professional field (company, government or another organisation). During this professional assignment, you will be coached by a lecturer.

This approach over the 4 years enables you to build up a network of people and companies. And you will also learn a lot at the HAS and at the companies you work with. When you graduate, you will have built up a great CV and you will be more than ready to enter global business life.

Year 1: Learning at the HAS and at partner companies

The main focus in the first year is on the theory and practice of the agriculture and food sector. What is healthy and tasty food? How do plants and animal grow? What is it really like to work at a company?

The year is divided into 4 terms during which you will follow different modules. For example, Marketing & Sales, Business Administration and Growth & Development. You will also go on an international excursion to discover more about the agricultural and food chains. In addition to classes, lecturers and guest lecturers, you will also work at the HAS in small groups. Each week you will visit partner companies in the area, during excursions, assignments and tours, and your first internships. You will talk to entrepreneurs about their company, and about production, trade, retail and hospitality sectors.

Year 2: Gaining in-depth knowledge and Business Xperience

During the second year, you will gain more in-depth knowledge. This will be done with the companies you like the most. You will learn how to organise things for yourself and your company, and what is going on in your chosen sector.  You will work on projects in groups, where you link the theory and practice in the Netherlands and abroad. Important modules include Entrepreneurship, Living Quality, Internationalisation and Retail Management.

The Business Xperience is a long-term, free-choice project carried out at and for a company.  At the end of the year, you will set up a personal 2-year plan with your coach about how you are going to further develop personally, and broaden and deepen your skills and talents, based on your own passions, qualities and ambitions.

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