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From Venlo to Marka it’s 6,664 kilometres as the crow flies. But when Zakariah thinks about his former home in the Somalian village, he can bridge that distance in seconds. “My father has a business of 135 hectares. He cultivates mangos, bananas and other kinds of fruit. I’m the fourth generation in the family business. It’s in my DNA.”

Zakariah came to the Netherlands in 2007. “In Somalia we also have universities and other institutions offering study programmes in the agrifood sector. But the HAS has a real practical focus and international character.”
“Why I would recommend Business Management in Agriculture & Food to others? Because it’s both a business-related and an international study programme, focussing on animals, plants, food and flowers. That’s the perfect combination for me.” Furthermore students are often out into the field. No fictitious cases, but rather real-life assignments for companies. This allows you to get to know the profession immediately in the first year. The HAS is a university of applied sciences with real interaction between lecturers and students, which makes Zakariah feel at home.
Together with his brother, Zakariah hopes to start an agrifood trading company in Rotterdam. The markets they have their eye on are the Netherlands and Eastern Africa. Zakariah is looking forward to the future: “Heerlijk” as he puts it in his own words, using his favourite Dutch expression.