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This study programme will educate you to the level of Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). Career prospects for Business Management in Agriculture & Food graduates are very diverse. There is plenty of work within the agricultural and food sector, in the Netherlands and far beyond. As an independent entrepreneur, manager or consultant you can contribute to the global food supply.

But the demand for your knowledge doesn’t stop at the milk, meat and vegetable sector. There are numerous challenges in the area of the living environment as well. People love to have an attractive garden and houseplants and those flowers have to come from somewhere. And you can take care of that!


In this position you are the owner of your company that can be small or bigger. You take the strategic decisions to serve your customers for the best. The company may relate to agribusiness, but can also be active in other fields of business.

Consultant / adviser

In Business Management in Agriculture & Food you train the skills needed to start as a junior advisor in agri-foodbusiness or related fields of interest. When you experience grows and your skills develop you will be able to advice about more complex and strategic projects as eg starting a new company in a new field of business.

Manager / specialist

There are also many interesting jobs in companies as banks, seed companies, technical supply companies. You can work here as a product specialist, marketer, manager, to many jobs to mention here, with plenty opportunity to grow and develop yourself in the company or a further career.


You can take over a company or start one yourself. Up to your ambition and the possibilities you see in the market. There is a growing demand for agricultural products. You will still also need everything you can earn in Business Management in Agriculture & Food to be able to avoid or stand the pressure of competition.