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Are chemistry and biology your favourite subjects? And are you dreaming of an interesting and varied job for the future? One where you'll contribute to a better environment and liveable planet? In Environmental Innovation you use chemistry and biology to later advise companies on zero waste production, sparing raw materials and contribution to prosperity and a healthy environment.

Creative and innovative

When you study Environmental Innovation with us, you'll learn to come up with creative and innovative solutions to push back use of raw materials, energy, and water. You'll learn this during lectures, but also during projects where you'll work with the business community. This requires more than technical knowledge. When you study Environmental Innovation, we'll teach you management skills, how to set up environmental management systems and how to operate within the limits of (environmental) law and licensing regulations.

International perspective

Environmental issues require an international perspective. That's why you'll do traineeships both in and outside the Netherlands. The practically-oriented study programme Environmental Innovation shows you how to use different perspectives for shaping sustainability.