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Food is more than just something to eat. It’s a way of life. A total experience. So you will need to market any new concept in the right way. As a Food Innovator you will be translating an idea into a successful food concept. You will combine knowledge of a product with the right packaging and marketing into a story that sells. This asks for a broad view, entrepreneurial spirit and a large dose of creativity. In the Food Innovation study programme at HAS University of Applied Sciences, you will learn it all. 

After the first year you will choose a specialisation:

  • Food & Design
  • Marketing & Business
  • Packaging & Design
Specialisation Food & Design

designing the food of the future

Do you love experimenting with preparation techniques, production methods and ingredients?  The Food & Design specialisation will be perfect for you. You will be working on the food of the future here. You will study what consumers want, and translate that into new food concepts. You will learn how to design and develop those concepts, also on a large scale.

Specialisation Marketing & Business

about needs and temptation

How do you market a new food concept? The Marketing & Business specialisation is all about needs and temptation. You will do consumer research and learn all about marketing strategies and advertising, in the media and in stores themselves. You will discover the commercial opportunities of a product that way, for the bottom line is that it needs to be profitable

Specialisation Packaging & Design

Packaging counts

Appearances matter. Good packaging stands out, but it also serves a purpose in transporting and storing the product. Curious as to how to develop such packaging? You will learn it in the Packaging & Design specialisation. Every aspect will be discussed, from materials and technology to trends and marketing. You will be able to design smart packaging that also looks good in stores.