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The Venlo region is full of agricultural entrepreneurs looking for innovative ideas for their fresh products, as it is important to stand out in the fresh food market. A great challenge for you, as a Food Innovator! With a Food Innovation degree, you will become a trend watcher, researcher, marketeer, taste specialist, designer and business administrator, all in one. You will learn all about the world of fruit and vegetables, dairy, eggs, meat and fish. And you’ll learn to translate consumer needs into innovative concepts in a creative way, for instance products with a unique taste or super healthy, including matching packaging and communication.

A lot to learn

From idea to food concept

There’s a lot to learn, for instance about:

  • food and health
  • packaging
  • communication
  • graphic design
  • photography and styling
  • commercial viability
Real assignments from partner companies

Plenty of variation

You do not just learn from books. You will be heading out on a weekly basis, visiting agricultural and food businesses in and around Venlo, and will start working with real questions from the professional field. Or you will be visiting the kitchen of Co-Creation Lab to develop a prototype of your concept.

Career prospects

Fresh wind in fresh

We said it: there is plenty of demand for new, distinctive ideas in the fresh food sector. After graduating in Food Innovation, you can for instance start working as a concept or product developer, adviser or marketeer, with a breeder, producer organisation, supermarket organisation or food producer. But of course, you can also launch your own business.