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During the versatile Food Technology study programme, you will learn how to develop and produce new, sustainable and healthy food products, or how to adapt and improve already existing products. You’ll discover which ingredients and production technologies to use. And you will be taught about different methods to create and conserve products. Food safety and quality will also be dealt with, including statutory requirements. 
There are several specialisations to choose from:

  • Food Technology & Product
  • Food Technology & Production
  • Food Technology & Quality
  • Food Technology & Business

Getting started yourself

The best way to learn how to make food products is by doing so yourself. So, you will be working in a bakery and brewery. We also have our own Food Technology Lab where you can get to work. 

Study programme with a future

Where can you start working as a food technologist upon graduating? The possibilities are endless, both with multinationals and with small and medium-sized companies. Perhaps you’ll end up in a product development department, or you will be improving production processes. A combination with commerce is also possible, for instance in buying and selling raw materials.