Are you comfortable with yourself? What do you do if you have not yet reached the 10,000 steps in a day? Can you not always resist the temptation of that unhealthy snack? You must be strong to resist all temptations every time. Human health is influenced not only by our diet, but also by our behavior and living environment. How do you make the healthy choice the easy choice? 

Healthy Living

About the programme

During the bachelor programme Healthy Living you’ll learn how to come up with new concepts to improve the health of everyone in the field of nutrition and the living environment. You do this by developing affordable, healthy and tasty food(concepts). And you are involved in designing a healthy environment. With this bachelor programme you will soon become health maker, product developer or consultant at a company to work together on the health and vitality of everyone!

Admission requirements

The admission requirement for this 4-year Bachelor programme is a secondary school diploma.

Language Requirements

  • NT2-certificate Dutch ór
  • Proof that you have followed education in Dutch until 3 HAVO / 3 VWO


How to apply

Before you can apply, however, you need to come by for an in-take interview with two of our lecturers. You can sign up for such an interview by contacting the programme coordinator of Healthy Living Ms. Kelly Neessen. 


Contact us!

Kelly Neessen

Kelly Neessen

Programme Coördinator +31 88 890 36 35


HAS University of Applied Sciences +31 88 890 3600