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Harmke Broekhuis is a second year Horticulture & Business Management student at the HAS University of Applied Sciences. After finishing her secondary and intermediate education level focused on horticulture, it was at her Saturday job at a pot plant breeder that she realized she wanted to expand her knowledge further.


Harmke: “With things like fertilizers, growth enhancers and soil improvers you can reach around 95% of your grower’s goals. But I want to be able to answer the questions on how to get to a 100%. I like to strive to plant perfection.”

While studying, it became clear to Harmke that it is not so much the marketing and business side of horticulture she is interested in. It is research in innovation and development that makes her tick. “There are so many interesting developments in our industry. Hydroponics, improving plants through propagation from tissue culture, and growing with (coloured) LED lights. For instance, here at the HAS we are researching how processes within the plants are reacting to different coloured lights. It is very interesting.”

“After my studies, I would like to do a Master to further specialize in plant development and innovation. In the future, I see myself working in a research position or at a progressive company. Responsibility, trust, innovation and teamwork are important to me.”


Source: The Green Times, Meet the Next Generation