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Marcel Bongartz is dedicated to take over his father’s horticultural business with around 70 employees. Marcel: “Once I decided to lead our family’s business, I started working in the sector and really liked the study at the HAS because you work with companies on real cases, so you can apply your knowledge directly.”


He is already taking notes on things he would like to improve in the company: “The company needs to get more digital. I think overall the horticultural industry is a bit behind on digitalization, but I would like to get experts involved to improve the selling process, especially online. I think marketing automation, deep learning and artificial intelligence are important innovations and part of our horticultural future.”

"Another thing I would like to change is the way leadership is done. It is my dream to employ people not because of their expertise, but mainly because of their personal values. Skills can be learned, but your values make you a match with our company and team. I want to help people to become the best versions of themselves in the company.”

Marcel’s father understands the changes he wants to make in the company and encourages him. Marcel: “He knows, because he took over the company from his dad too. It is important that young people are more involved in how interesting our industry can be. Therefore, we can’t miss the potential of online marketing and social media. This could change the image of our industry. It changes the idea that we all work on a field with straw hats on and a fork in our hands.”


Source: The Green Times, Meet the Next Generation