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This study programme will educate you to the level of Bachelor of Science (BSc). Horticulture & Business Management is top of the list when it comes to great career perspectives. The horticultural industry eagerly awaits graduates from HAS University of Applied Sciences, and many students receive job offers even before they officially graduate. They meet their future employer during their studies, often during traineeships or during the company assignment in the final year.

Successful completion of the course leads to a Bachelor degree in Horticulture & Arable Farming. Upon graduation you are a well-trained professional who is able to work in an international team and address projects in a systematic and practice-oriented manner.


Production Consultant

The specialist to the rescue! A production consultant is a technical expert who helps his customers optimise their products and production processes. You combine excellent technical knowledge with people skills and a sharp analytical mind. You know how to get to the bottom of your customer’s assignment and how to translate your findings into a recommendation. You might also work as a production manager within a company, and work on more sustainable and more efficient production. A job for the technical analyst with a green thumb!



Avocados with tiny stones. Tasty snack tomatoes. Purple paprika. Drought resistant crops. A breeder is a visionary who constantly seeks and detects new possibilities to improve and diversify our food and non-food crops. By using your knowledge to develop new and improved products, you work towards better quality and higher variety on shop shelves, in our gardens and on our fields. You achieve this by starting your own business or by working for a (multinational) breeding company. A rewarding profession for the creative scientist inside you!



As export manager you are the link between supply at home and demand abroad. You have technical knowledge of the industry anda knack for business. By watching market trends, you know which products will be in high demand in future. You also recognise a top-quality product. You negotiate with your local producers to buy these top notch products, and afterwards you make sure you sell them to retailers in your world-wide network of customers. An international career for an ambitious globetrotter!



Be your own boss! Perhaps your parents own a horticultural company and you want to take over and innovate the family business. Or maybe you are keen to develop a ground-breaking idea during your studies and turn it into a lucrative business after you graduate. If you see yourself as a future entrepreneur, HAS University of Applied Sciences is the best place to get ready. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA; it is part of our education philosophy and incorporated in everything we teach. If you study with us, every day you will experience that we live and encourage your entrepreneurial spirit! 

"Relaxed atmosphere and the fun practical classes at the greenhouse"

Maria Starodubrovskaya

Alumna Horticulture & Business Management

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"Start your own business"

Jade Knoop

Alumna Horticulture & Business Management

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